Ep 260: Kids Can’t Put Their Phones Down – How You Can Feel Better About It

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Cell Phone Addiction in Teens

Teems can't put phones downCell phones: they’re here and they’re not going away. So now it’s time to “stop worrying and learn to love them”. If you’re upset about how attracted teens are to their phones I’ll give you a few ideas that, hopefully, will make you feel better. After all, cellphones aren’t going away. Quite the opposite. They’re only going to get more powerful and more ubiquitous. The “pull” of the phone is irresistible. In this follow-up to episode 258 I want to talk about how adults and parents can feel less distressed by a teen’s behavior. I hope the ideas in this episode help.


Feel free to leave a comment below. How can we feel better about something (cell phone use) we can’t do a whole lot about?

Resources on Cell Phone Attraction

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    3 Comments on “Ep 260: Kids Can’t Put Their Phones Down – How You Can Feel Better About It”

    1. Dear sir:
      I am concerned about the attraction the screen of the cell phone seems to exert even beyond simple use or play on a cell phone. I teach and unless I can get my students to turn their phones so the screens cannot be seen, I have no success keeping them from “fiddling” with them.
      I have been unable to locate any research on this subject, but I am hoping that you have.
      Dr. Glenn Douglass

    2. Thanks for this one! I believe you mentioned a previous episode about the teenage brain. Which one(s) did you have in mind. I have a 14 year-old that is behaving in a stereotypical way and I could use some insight.


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