Ep 264: Using Psychology in Your Work: Part 2 of My Interview with Richard Millington

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How to Build a True Online Community

How do you “apply a little psychology” to tough jobs like building an online community and to creating a product that people will want to use frequently? In part 2 of my interview with author and Feverbee founder Richard Millington we talk about two key theories from psychology: self-determination theory and Robert Cialdini’s persuasion techniques. I think you’ll find these … Read More

Ep 156: Grad School in Psychology: What’s It Like and How To Get In?

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What do you have to do to get into grad school in Psychology? A lot of people apply. Who ARE these people and how are you going to stand out among them? Meet one future grad student – Erin Breedlove – who is a college junior and she’s already positioned herself very well for grad school. How did she do … Read More

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