Ep 259: How Could You Have Missed That?

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Change Blindness and Driving Conversations

Change Blindness and Driving ConversationsA conversation is a conversation whether it happens in person or in a car, right? Well, wrong.

You can only attend to so many things at a time. We’ll find out how a passenger in your car gives you subtle cues to what you need to attend to while you’re driving – something a person on the phone could never do.

And we’ll find out what change blindness is all about. How could you miss some of the most obvious things that change right in front of you? Millions of people watch a video of kids playing basketball and they miss the fact that a gorilla walks right through the scene. A gorilla? And people missed it? Yup. We often miss lots of things that happen right in front of us because our attention spans work in strange ways. And because what happened isn’t what we expected to happen. Let’s learn about change blindness.

Videos on Change Blindness

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