Ep 334: The Psychology of the Fantasticks

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Psychology of the Fantasticks

Have you seen the musical The Fantasticks? Not only does it have wonderful music but it also has pearls of wisdom. Oh yea, and gender issues. In this episode I talk about the psychology inside this great show. Resources The FantasticksTeaching skepticismIt turns out money can kind of buy happiness after allGerman amusement park acts after uproar over ‘swastika carousel’Oh … Read More

Ep 326: Giving Voice To Our Digital Assistants

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Genderless voice

Why do our digital assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Cortana have “feminized” voices and what are the effects of this trend? That’s what I explore in this episode. Are there negative effects of using female voices in the devices we talk to and who talk to us? Are there alternatives? Turns out there is an alternative – … Read More

Ep 304: Guess What? Testosterone Doesn’t Necessarily Cause Men to be Aggressive

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Does Testosterone Cause Aggression? Not Really....

  Most of us assume that one of the reasons men tend to act aggressively is that men have higher levels of testosterone. Let’s take a look at this “testosterone myth” because this isn’t always the case. In fact, in some cases, the higher levels of testosterone actually cause men to be MORE NICE than usual. Don’t believe it? Let’s … Read More

Ep 292: Yes, Computers Can Guess Your Sexual Orientation

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Computer Can Guess Your Sexual Orientation

On this episode I talk about a several psych topics, including what computer programs look at when they try to guess your sexual orientation – and they are really accurate at doing so. Also: anxiety blankets and the musical Hairspray – what do we reveal about ourselves sometimes when we don’t even know it! Resources for this Episode The invention … Read More

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