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Episode 6: The Negative Side of Positive Thinking

What could possibly be wrong with thinking positively? As it turns out, there could be a lot wrong with it. Consider this: have you ever felt badly because you haven’t been thinking positively lately? There’s almost a certain amount of guilt to it. Join me in this episode of The Psych Files where we look at the good and the ugly behind our desire to think positively.



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    jullie ssesimba

    March 4, 2007

    I find myself thinking negatively most of the times and even when a friend encourages me with some positivity,i still think negatively.

  2. Why Do You Hate Psychology? | The Psych Files

    March 4, 2007

    […] As for positive thinking, I discuss in this episode how there’s a negative side to positive thinking […]

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Episode 6: The Negative Side of Positive Thinking

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