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Episode 25: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 3

We finish off this series looking at your brain as you develop by examining what is happening in your brain as you age from adolescence to older adulthood. Also: an impersonated celebrity endorsement…





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    Jocelyn Lopez

    August 11, 2007

    Very Fascinating audio. Interesting to begin the conversation with adolescence. They are in the stage of Identity vs. role confusion, and it was very clear what goes through the mind of a adolescence during this stage. It was a surprise hearing how the unknown participant had to say at the age of seventeen and later matured because of prefrontal cortex allows an individual to think clearly. followed by Intimacy vs. isolation when an individual reaches their 30’s. The brain has fully grown and is more mature with decisions and their own lifestyle. However, it was interesting to know that it also has its side affects and the psychomotor ability begins to decline. The last two are very interesting because Michael explains what slows down and what are the causes for the declines from the body.

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