Virgin Mary on a Lemon Slice? I got ya beat.

MichaelPerception2 Comments

‘ve been holding onto a photo for a while which I believe, if you look at it just right, looks like another familiar biblical figure. Take a look and see if you see what I see. Of course, what I also see is the power of the Gestalt principle of “closure” – our tendency to complete incomplete images and to see patterns where they do – and often do not – exist. What do you think?

Episode 30: Equine Assisted Therapy

MichaelTherapy2 Comments

If you love horses and are interested in how they can be used therapeutically, then you’ll definitely want to hear this episode on Equine Assisted therapy. Recorded outside on a beautiful summer day.

Video Walkthrough: Setting up a Blog, uploading audio, and using RSS

MichaelTeaching Tools5 Comments

if you’re interested in how to set up a blog, how to post audio files to the web to create a podcast, and how to use RSS and iTunes to let students know about new audio you’ve uploaded (the technology behind podcasting), I created a video walkthrough which shows how all this is done.

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