Episode 52 (video): Research Design Part 2 – Factorial Designs

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Need to understand how factorial designs work? This video is for you. In this episode I show how you could set up a two factor research design using an interesting topic: physical attractiveness. You’ll see what is meant by main effect and an interaction. Do you think attractive people get all the good stuff in life? Watch to find out how it can be to your disadvantage to be attractive and along the way learn about factorial research designs.

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15 Comments on “Episode 52 (video): Research Design Part 2 – Factorial Designs”

  1. I’m sorry but no I never actually created an ANOVA table for this exercise.

  2. Hello. I’m a little confused on what the main effect and the interaction is in this video. Can you please explain it to me.
    Thank you

  3. Thank you so much! I am MA student of English Language Teaching, it’s very helpful for me, and I wanna use it with the professional words of my field of study for my presentation.If you don’t mind!
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Tanya: Thanks for your kind words. This episode was one of my favorites to do. It’s not easy to make research fun, but if you apply a little creativity you can come up with ideas for it.

  5. I’m a psych major in a Research Methods class in college, and I have to come up with a mock 2×2 experiment for my final paper. This was extremely helpful! I looked around the site and found a lot of other helpful things as well. Thank you so much!

  6. I had a friend who was Very atttractive, he tunred out to be somewhat of a loner, it was difficult for him in college because girls would shout out random things at him, he didnt know really how to deal with it a when he final started talking to a girl, he hated how she always looked up to him, corse that led him to him eventually avoid her, as all he wanted to do was talk to her as a firend before going out with her. in the end she ended up hating him as he would shy away him whenever she started flirting with him, and she bitched negatively about him to everyone she knew, thinking that the attractive guy was playing with her emotions in a cruel way. things were no better in lessons either as he had taken a travel and tourism course and was the only guy in the group, somegirls did talk to him as a friend but the girls in his group, felt that u either go out with us, or we’d rather u spent lunch time alone, i also do point out that he had little experience with woman yet people thorght because he was attractive he was supposed to do the right things and say the right things, and if u cant deal with you may well enjoy spending time alone alot. he also wears dull clothes just so that people wouldnt spot him and he felt more comfortable in grey , however this guy did get me thinking while paranoid people might love being told they’re wonderful, when too many people say it it can feel orquad, as u cant accept too many compliments, whithout it feeling cheesy or undeserved, and it can feel incredible cocky when u talk to people about being attractive. and lets not forget how this guy avoided looking at woman as he could somtimes feel it was creepy when woman looked at him.
    so how attractive was this guy, just imingine leanoard decaprio with that stlylish hair cut from your picture with blondish hair, and thats pretty much what he looked like. he says that he want an intelligent relation ship with someone because he can stand the world of looks

  7. Wow Thanks. I’ve been trying to understand this concept forever reading the textbook and tutorials. Finally it makes sense! great example

  8. There seems to be a lot of websites with stats help on them, and even youtube has videos in which stat profs explain things. Maybe those will help. I’ve taken advanced stats and sometimes it gets rough. It often depends on the teacher and the textbook. Email me if you get stuck and I’ll let you know if I can help.


  9. I am scheduled to take advanced stats in the fall and having already taken elementary twice (finally passed). I have been anxious about having to take advanced but I am going to use the summer to prepare myself using your site and others and go into the fall class ready to kick some stats booty.

    Btw… I am 45 years old and 21 hours away from my B.S. in Psychology with a 3.4 GPA. I know that should be better but I made a couple of mistakes early on which I have been paying for ever since.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the field of Psychology.

  10. Diane,

    Thanks so much! I really had fun making this video and I tried to make it both educational and fun. Glad you liked it and I hope your students do as well.


  11. Thanks for your creativity and humor. I think my students will learn more from these kinds of presentations than reading the text book!

  12. Well done! I’m going to add the links to my online Research Methods course (optional viewing this term….may require them beginning next term).

    Joe Melcher, Ph.D.
    St. Cloud State University
    P.S. I already get email notifications.

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