Episode 2: Rewards and Punishments

MichaelDevelopment, Learning/Memory2 Comments

Do you believe in spanking children to get to them to behave? There is a lot of controversy, discussion and research on this topic. The research points to one strong conclusion: spanking does NOT work. In this episode I discuss the various kinds of rewards and punishments we use to modify our children’s behavior. I address the views and research … Read More

Episode 3: Predictions, Predictions

MichaelCritical Thinking, Research and Stats1 Comment

Have you ever heard of someone who says they can predict the future? Perhaps you’ve seen magazine articles in which someone claims to have predicted some famous event. The so-called Mayan calendar predicted the ed of the world in 2012, and Nostradamus comes to mind as someone who made a lot of predictions. What makes for a good predication and … Read More

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