Episode 56: What is Music Therapy?

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Interested in Music Therapy? Music therapy, which is often used with children with autism, can also be used in the classroom to help children learn patterns. In this interview music therapist Kamile Geist talks about types and techniques of music therapy along with her research in this fascinating field. On the website Kamile talks about courses and programs that will prepare you to be a music therapist, as well as how insurance programs deal with this type of therapy.


Resources on Music Therapy

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2 Comments on “Episode 56: What is Music Therapy?”

  1. I would suggest getting in touch with Kamile herself or seeing what the links above have on certification. I found a “pearltree” on music therapy that looks like it has some useful resources on this topic. Check that out. Hope this helps!


  2. hi,
    i live in seattle, washington. would like to get some certification in this field. any suggestions? feel free to contact me.

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