Episode 49: Classroom Management – An Interview with Dr. Ross Green part 2

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In this episode I continue the interview on Collaborative Problem Solving in the classroom with Dr. Ross Green, author of The Explosive Child. As I stated in the previous episode, there are a variety of classroom management techniques, all designed to help solve the issue of how to discipline children who are having behavioral problems. I think you’ll find that Dr. Green’s approach makes a lot of sense and it can be implemented in the classroom as well as at home. A fascinating interview.

Here again are the resources on this topic that I think you’ll find useful:

Collaborative Problem Solving Books and DVDs

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4 Comments on “Episode 49: Classroom Management – An Interview with Dr. Ross Green part 2”

  1. Anomoly: glad you liked the interview. Yea, it’s always good to hear the author in his/her own words. Since it looks like you’re interested in parenting, you might want to check out the episode I just released. It’s an interview with Jamie Raser, the author of another fine book on parenting called “Raising Children You Can Live With”. It’s episode 103. You can find it here.

  2. I’m finishing up The Explosive child (and enjoying it). I’m glad I found this interview because it’s solidifying points in the book… and it caused me to find your podcast which it looks like I have about 100 more to go 🙂
    great interview btw.


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