Episode 22: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 1 – Timeliner

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I decided that it was time to look at the biology behind the changes that occur in our lives as we grow. As I put my ideas together to do this, I employed a very neat program called Timeliner. It is so cool in fact that I decided to do an episode solely on how to use Timeliner, especially the tool called “merge”. If you are an educator I think you’ll find this episode interesting.

The Matching Hypothesis Strikes Again

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What happens when people “marry outside their looks” (that is, when you marry someone who is obviously much more attractive than you are)? There’s an interesting and humorous article on page 86 of the May 7, 2007 issue of Time magazine that discusses just this. The title is “The Last Taboo”. Or, as the author puts it, “Marrying a few … Read More

Episode 12: Is Your Therapist Any Good? How Do You Know?

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This week I discuss the importance of boundaries and guidelines between you and your therapist. These guidelines, set forth by Robert Langs, MD will help you know when your relationship with your therapist is healthy – and when it is not.

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