Episode 24: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 2

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What is happening in your brain as you progress through life? In this episode we take a look at some of the changes that occur in your brain from birth to age 12. Be sure to listen to part 3 of this series, which is episode 25.


Resources for this podcast

    • Discover Magazine had a wonderful special issue devoted specifically to the brain called “The Brain: An Owner’s Manual.” It appeared on June 30, 2007. Click here to go to the Discover Website. Look under the “Mind & Brain” tab for lots of other psychology related resources.

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2 Comments on “Episode 24: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 2”

  1. The conversation of “The Brains Behind Erikson Part 2” was fairly interesting. I enjoyed learning about two lobes the brain functions, even though there are four functions. The frontal lobe allows an individuals thoughts to process. It is located behind the forehead. The other lobe that was mentioned was Parietal lobe. This lobe is the sensor area . Autonomy VS shame was brought into discussion briefly explaining the stages from the years of a child. Even thought the discussion was acknowledgeable, there were areas that were of track so it made it a bit difficult to comprehend the actual subject that was being discussed by Michael. However, I’ve learned quite more then I imagined by a short amount of time.

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