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Episode 22: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 1 – Timeliner

I decided that it was time to look at the biology behind the changes that occur in our lives as we grow. As I put my ideas together to do this, I employed a very neat program called Timeliner. It is so cool in fact that I decided to do an episode solely on how to use Timeliner, especially the tool called “merge”. If you are an educator I think you’ll find this episode interesting. It shows how to use Timeliner to compare timelines that focus on different aspects of life – in this case I merge Erikson’s stages with significant events in my life and then with some of the significant the physical changes that occur in everyone’s life as we age. In part 2 I’ll talk more about these changes, but in this episode I just wanted to share how great a program Timeliner is. This is an uncompensated endorsement of this great program. I wanted to share how this program could be an example of what Jonnassen calls a “mindtool”. Hope you find this interesting.

Resources for this podcast

  • Go to the Tom Snyder Productions website where you can purchase Timeliner and explore development across the lifespan.

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