Ep 327: The Team Behind Q – World’s First Genderless Digital Voice

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Genderless Voice

In the last episode I talked about the potential downside to having most of our digital assistants speak to us using a female voice. “Q” – will give us an option. Here’s my interview with Emil Rasmussen, who will give you some of the background behind Q and his hopes for the future of Q.


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2 Comments on “Ep 327: The Team Behind Q – World’s First Genderless Digital Voice”

  1. We’re finding out now that there is a lot in-between “male” and “female” – people who were born with one set of sex organs but who identify with the gender identification of the other gender for example. An artificial, “gender neutral” voice provides people like this with, if nothing else, recognition that they exist and that they are respected.

  2. interesting, but do you think we do need to acknowledge such a thing? it is set by milions of years of evolution that you are either female or male .. there is nothing in between. And an artificial voice should not make a difference at the end of the day it is still only artificial voice made by a human being and as such not really existing. What are your thoughts on this topic?

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