Ep 336: Why is it Usually Men Who Commit Violent Acts?

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The Ape That Understood The Universe by Steve Stewart-Williams


Another violent act in America. Another man who committed it. Why do men in our society seem to always be the ones who carry out violent acts? Is it how we bring up boys? Or is there another influence – genes. I was lucky enough to get professor Steve Stewart-Williams, author of the book The Ape That Understood the Universe, so come back to the show and share more about the evolutionary Psychology perspective on this complex issue. And by the way, you can use the promo code APE20 to purchase this book at Cambridge University Press at a 20 percent discount. You’re going to find this discussion very interesting.

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3 Comments on “Ep 336: Why is it Usually Men Who Commit Violent Acts?”

  1. I had no idea before this podcast that not all species of males and females have the XX and XY chromosomes. I learnt that this is especially true in birds. It was interesting to not that the woman who has had the most children on record is 69, whilst it is 888 for a male.

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