Ep 160: How to Spend Your Money and Truly Make Yourself Happy

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Why aren’t rich people happier than those with less money? We think money will bring happiness, but research in the area of positive psychology has consistently found that having more money does NOT make us happier. Find out how to spend your money the right way so that it really can bring happiness into your life. Affective Forecasting Error The … Read More

Ep 157: Do Pets and Religion Make You Happier?

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You hear a lot these days about how pets make us happy. This is called the “pet effect“. But is it so? The answer appears to be a qualified yes. But in what ways do pets make us happy? How strong is their effect on our lives? Also, how about religion? We also hear that religious people are happier, but … Read More

Episode 138: Zombies – 6 Reasons Why We Are So Fascinated By Them

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Have you watched the TV show Walking Dead or ever seen a movie about Zombies (perhaps Zombieland or Dawn of the Dead)? What is so fascinating about the undead? Why do many of us get a strange pleasure out of seeing a zombie get killed? In this episode I explore that strange part of ourselves which for some reason seems to enjoy watching the undead get really dead.

Episode 133: Replacing Your Doctor With a Robot?

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Robots as Doctors?

Are you embarrassed to take your clothes off in front of your doctor? Most of us are. Well, what if your doctor was a robot? Would this make it easier or harder to remove your clothes? Before you answer – would it matter if the robot looked like a real person or if it looked like R2-D2? That’s the question we examine this week on The Psych Files.

Episode 101: The Psychology of Music: The Role of Expectations and Minor Chords

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How does music affect us emotionally? Why do minor chords so sad? In this episode of The Psych Files I explore ideas from Daniel Leviton‘s fascinating book, Your Brain on Music, especially those ideas concerned with what composers do to draw you into their music by first conforming to your musical expectations and then carefully confounding them in order to surprise and delight.

Episode 44: Human Emotions: The Two Factor Theory

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Where do our emotions come from? From our thoughts? Or do they begin somewhere else – like in our bodies? This week we look at the work of James-Lange, Cannon-Bard, and Schachter and Singer. Also, I review two classic studies in the history of psychology: the Suproxin study (the basis for the well known (two factor theory of emotion) and … Read More

Episode 40: Performance Anxiety – How To Deal With It

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Do you get nervous when you perform? Want to learn how to overcome performance anxiety? Listen to a few experienced actors talk about how they deal with stage fright and then I’ll share some thoughts about what psychologists have to say about those judges in your head who keep you from doing your best. I’ll also share my experiences as … Read More

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