Episode 133: Replacing Your Doctor With a Robot?

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Robots as Doctors?

Robots as Doctors?Are you embarrassed to take your clothes off in front of your doctor? Most of us are. Well, what if your doctor was a robot? Would this make it easier or harder to remove your clothes? Before you answer – would it matter if the robot looked like a real person or if it looked like R2-D2? That’s the question we examine this week on The Psych Files.

Robots and Emotions

Why are fictional – and real – robots often built to look like us? Probably because it’s easier to relate to them. Learn more about how we develop feelings for robots on this article I found at The Week: Falling in love with a bot.


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2 Comments on “Episode 133: Replacing Your Doctor With a Robot?”

  1. Thanks Zac. Glad you liked the episode. I’ve been following you on Twitter and waiting to hear about your first episode!

  2. Hot dang, I need to catch up on your podcast! I’ve been listening for a while now, and I hope to get Between Your Ears up to the level that you’ve gotten Psych Files up to. Keep up the great work, Michael!

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