Episode 72 (video): Memorize the Parts of the Brain

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All these and more Psych Mnemonics now on the iPhone and iPad!

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Memorize the parts of the brain – and many other key Psychology terms – once and for all! Due to the incredible popularity of this video – episode 72 – and many others here on The Psych Files website, I created a whole app filled with mnemonics to help you get better grades. Get it now and support The Psych Files!

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256 Comments on “Episode 72 (video): Memorize the Parts of the Brain”

  1. Thanks for all of the helpful tips! I have my AP psych exam a little over a week from now. I struggle in remembering all of the brain parts. These are some clever ways to remember important brain parts.

  2. I have a A&P test on Wednesday for my finals & I would need a high 90 just to score a 74% average with 10 different diagrams over different things, I wished you had some videos of all the others like you did for the brain. Because at this point IÒ€ℒve lost hope and gain new debt for school

  3. Thank you Ana and so glad to hear that the mnemonics are helping. Not enough teachers know about them or put them to practical use unfortunately. If you’ve got ideas for terms you’re having trouble remembering, feel free to let me know!

  4. I am from Brazil and it is difficult to learn here, ’cause almost nobody uses mnemonics. Your videos are really funny ! Thank you VERY much, now I am able to learn

  5. This is great and i think what would be even more helpful is flashcards with all the pics for each one.

  6. This is great, thanks so much for sharing! I’m showing all of my friends this. I laughed so much, and learned a lot!!! Thank you so much, have a great day!

  7. You’re wonderful ! I always try to come up with weird ways to remember things, this is perfect! Thanks for the help!

  8. I seriously love you and I haven’t even met you!!! Legit laughed my butt off the entire time while actually learning. I have read the psych chapter twice now and I learned more in 20 minutes than I have in the hour it took me to read. Thanks!! You rock!! So glad my psychology teacher recommended your video.

  9. Great question. I don’t have a mnemonic offhand let me give this some thoughtÒ€¦

  10. Thanks so much Jordan for your comment. Glad to hear that the brain mnemonics were helpful. They were really fun to make too.

  11. Great video Michael I’ve been struggling to remember the purposes of these parts of the brain for a few weeks now and after watching your video I can recall them instantly, this video is not only really helpful but also funny at the same time

  12. This is just such a gem..found the day before my biology exam..thank you so much for your brilliant teaching..I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

  13. Makes learning all this so easy! So glad I found this video, I very much enjoyed it. Thank you for making this fun

  14. Thank you so much for your help! I wish that I would have discovered you sooner!

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  16. I know there is already a ton of positive comments, but I had to leave another one. Honestly loved your video and I learned more in this 18 minutes than I did in an entire week of my AP Psychology class. Extremely creative and just overall fantastic. Thank you a ton for making studying more enjoyable.

  17. This video was very informative. Plus i lost it when freud started laughing.

  18. This is the first video that I found that actually helped me study in the way that I like to study! In a silly fun way. Songs don’t help which i tried before this video but it was a fail. Now i feel more confident for my Anatomy exam tomorrow. !

  19. Jennifer – glad you liked this video. If you go to the top of the page and click on the little magnifying glass and then type in the word mnemonics you’ll be brought to all the episodes I’ve done in which I use mnemonics like those shown in this video. There’s lot of them. And don’t forget that you can buy the Brain Mnemonics app or eBook where you’ll get crazy mnemonic images for 20 more parts of the brain, parts of the neuron, neurotransmitters and ways to remember the different types of brain scans.

  20. Thank you So much! This helped me SO much I always try to make up silly things to help me learn and this was definitely for me. What other videos do you have with these types of tricks?

  21. Wow! That video was right up my alley! I am always looking for ridiculous ways to remember things and these are full of them! Thanks so much for the help, i’ll be able to rock my Anatomy exam now. Keep doing what you do.

  22. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will be showing my teacher this in a few minutes to help my class out, this is awesome and REALLY helps me! You’re great!

  23. I have used this video for years to help my PSY101 students memorize the parts of the brain. Does there happen to be a closed captioned version or a transcript that can accompany it for my hearing impaired students?

  24. I have an anatomy and physiology test on the brain tomorrow. I can always remember the locations of everything, but I can’t remember the names doing total recall. While you didn’t cover all the parts I need, you covered several of them and this will definitely help in the recall! Thank you so much! Wish there was someone who did this in A&P to cover more parts.

  25. This is a lifesaver!!! You’ve made learning the brain so easy for me! Thank you!!

  26. I’m getting ready for this year’s MCAT, and the AAMC added Psychology to the exam, so your mnemonics have been incredibly helpful. I love the Hal & Amos and Hypo the Llamas mnemonics. Also, the peg word system you used on Piaget’s stages of development was excellent lol. I really appreciate the work. Cheers.

  27. Thank you SOO much!! I wish if I found this site earlier.
    I’m taking the MCAT test soon and I have watched 4 of your videos so far and they all were very helpful. the MCAT 2015 now have psychology section and I hate memorizing stages and parts so thanks a lot for the help.

  28. This is genius! I’m doing AP Psychology online now, and this is helping me memorize the parts of the brain way easier than any other online tool I’ve used before. Thanks Michael!

  29. That was awesome. You did a great job. It was quite difficult for me to learn the brain parts and their functions, as our brain is a comlex little thing πŸ˜€ but you made it easier for me. Thank you for that πŸ™‚

  30. At the end of the video you said you’d have a list of these for download, I can’t find it. Can you help me?

  31. I’m doing some last minute re-learning and reviewing for my ap psychology exam tomorrow and I didn’t really pay attention to the brain unit in class so this has definitely helped me a lot, thank you!!!!

  32. Thank you so much for this! It has really helped me memorise these parts of the brain! Thank you!

  33. Haha, thanks so much. I’m sure some people make jokes about your method but please don’t let it stop you. I am a kinesthetic learner so I learn by do-ing. This makes retaining information from lectures and demonstrations difficult. It doesn’t matter how much I study, I only seem to retain “interesting” facts. It is hard for me to find creative ways to turn my difficult science classes into something that is “worth” remembering. So thank you for putting the time into this, and please keep doing so!:)

  34. I laughed while I was watching this, honestly. My first reaction was, “This is super odd,” but I kept watching and lo and behold, it totally helped. Thank you for setting that up and making these details memorable! Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  35. Wow your video is really great! It has been the most useful method for me in retaining the parts and functions of the brain. By making it so creative and teaching me how to use mnemonics in such a fun way not only helped to memorize the parts of the brain but gave me a new skill in strengthening my memory. Really great. Thank you so much!!!

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  37. This video is fantastic! I missed the day that we learned about the parts of the brain and I was completely lost and found myself with a test the next day. YOU SAVED ME! Thank you so much! I could tell there was a lot of thought and time put into this and it certainly has done good!
    Keep up the good work!

  38. Great video, you need more stuffed toys to entertain even better. Loved it.

  39. This was great! I actually enjoyed watching your video and feel like I learnt in just over 6 minutes what I have been trying to memorise for the past few weeks!

  40. Thank you so much! I have midterms in 3 days and it was so helpful! You are hilarious!

  41. Somebody should hand this guy a Nobel Prize. I’m sure he saved the butts of tons of psy undergrads like myself.

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  44. What did the hippocampus say during its retirement speech?
    “Thanks for the memories.”

    What did parietal say to frontal?
    “I lobe you”
    This video was great fun ,thanks for taking the time to make this !

  45. This is absolutely amazing. PRICELESS. I will most definitely encourage my friends to watch this to study for AP Psych. I also just downloaded the Brain Mnemonics app on my phone. It is incredible! THANK YOU!

  46. This was so great and useful! I shared it with all of my AP Psych class and I can’t imagine them less than loving it! I found it so funny and those bizarre images definitly will stay with me until i make terrible puns out of them in the future, and then some.

  47. You honestly helped me SO MUCH! Thank you and please keep up the ggod work πŸ™‚

  48. i found this very entertaining but i still have trouble memorizing the words =/

  49. Thank you so much for this video. I am studying for my psych exam and had a difficult time trying to remember the functions of different parts of the brain. Great video

  50. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very Awesome………………………….^_^

  51. OMG!! Thank to sooo much to whoever came up with this!! Made learning the different regions of the brain and their functions much much easier!

  52. I always thought of a hippo on campus to remember what the function of the hippocampus was. You would never forget seeing a hippo on campus, memory.

  53. Glad you’re all enjoying the video! Really nice to hear. Don’t forget – there’s an ebook, iphone and Android app with even more mnemonics for the brain, neurotransmitters (Dopamine, GABA, Serotonin and Acetlycholine) and the different types of brain scans (CT, MRI, fMRI, PET)! Check it out here: Brain Mnemonics 2. Support the podcast and memorize all kinds of brain parts in minutes!


  54. I literally jumped when you screamed at the wig … never will I forget what the amygdala does hahaha

  55. Michael,

    I just discovered this website! I absolutely love it!! I listened to one podcast so far, and this is the first video I have watched. This will really help me study in my psychology courses.

  56. Thanks very much for such an entertaining way to memorise parts of the brain!

  57. Thank you so much! These make it so much eaiser to remember everything! Anatomy and Physiology was going to be impossible without this!

    Thank you!

  58. Thank you SO much!!!! This really hit home and will stick with me forever! (Especially during my next Psychology exam :))

  59. I was just thinking – it would be wonderful if you would please make additional videos like this one to assist us with remembering even more parts of the brain (not to mention the great entertainment value)!
    I have using mnemonics since watching your video and coming up with my own word associations. I have found this to be extremely helpful, so thanks again Michael!!!

  60. Thank-you! I think you are incredibly generous for offering such assistance – you’re making learning easier and fun for many, many people. Cheers, Donna

  61. Laura: Hmm…I suppose I don’t cover the term cerebrum because that term is pretty synonymous with all four lobes of the brain. From wikipedia: “The cerebrum comprises what most people think of as the “brain.”” Most of the time I find, people use the term cerebral cortex instead of cerebrum.

  62. Would you explain to me why in your description of the brain you do not include a mnemonic for the cerebrum? How could I explain this to my students?


  63. Incredible! A million thanks! I had to pause the video a couple of times to laugh, but I will never forget those terms in all of my life! I’ll always have my hippo with a campus close to my heart of medals! good work!

  64. With my dyslexia this is the only way I can learn.
    Thank you. For hippocampus I think do a hippo running around the school campus (learning ) trying to remember where his next class is (spatial and memory).

  65. Thank you so much for making this video, it was really funny. All the information is in the memory bank now, I’m sure it’ll stay in there too! I need to use mnemonics much more than I do.

  66. Thank you so much! This video was INVALUABLE! I am studying for my AP Psych midterm exam for Wednesday, and I was having a really difficult time memorizing the parts of the brain, Not only was your video really helpful and informative, it was also really really funny and entertaining! As I was studying, I was laughing so loudly that my mom actually came into the room, wondering if I was actually studying or not. When I showed her that I was, she couldn’t believe it because she had no idea studying could be so fun. Thank you so much. This video is the best. I think I’m going to show it to my teacher! Keep up the amazing work!!! πŸ™‚

  67. AMAZING!! I am studying for two advanced physio exams!!! Thanks and keep it up!!

  68. Monica: your memory isn’t “shot”! I’m sure it’s fine. But mnemonics are a fun way to remember things. Congrats to you for coming back to school. I hope the site continues to be helpful.

  69. I am going back to school after 20 years! My memory is shot and this is a great way for me to get back in the swing of things and learn. Thankyou!

  70. Thank you soooo much for this!! I have an upcoming anatomy exam and I just could not get this stuff into my brain; now I know it all!! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  71. This video was great! It really helped me on a lot of the vocab I need to remember. Thank you! Now when I take the test, it’ll be a no-brainer… Har har har. (;

  72. Oh wow you’d are amazing! Imwas freaking out about this test on the brain and I’m so much more confident now. Keep making videos, u rock man

  73. OMG..you are incredibly funny. This is an amazing site, with great study materials. It sure makes this stuff easier to remember it. Well done, I hope you will develop more… I am absolutely recommending this site to others. Thank you!!

  74. I have an ap psychology quiz tadoy on the brain and this video has sure helped me rememeber the parts. I will be sure to recommend this to my class and teacher

  75. Thank-you so much for your response and your videos. You have been very helpful.

  76. Fantastic! My psych exam is tomorrow, so hopefully this’ll assist with my recall.

    Thanks for publishing this – very valuable.

  77. The videos are all free. You can download this one by:

    1) clicking the play button
    2) while the video is playing roll over the video with your cursor
    3) click on the 5 little boxes you see in the lower left corner
    4) you’ll see a download button come up

    Or you could use a tool like KeepVid to download them:


  78. thanks a lot for posting this stuff, currently studying for psych midterm and it really helped

  79. Thank you!
    I would love to find some time to have you skype into my class and discuss ANYTHING psych related also, I think #psychat would love to have you become a regular part of our discussions on twitter!

  80. Great video! about a year ago I bought a handy memory sheet from your site, with pictures on it. I somehow lost them, could you help me?

  81. thanks! this is awesome! my psychology test grade is going to be so much better thanks to you!

  82. I love this! Is there anyway that I can download this so I can watch it without an internet connection?

  83. Thanks so much this helped me a lot on my psych test and i got a good grade so i recomended it to my teacher and he loved it.

  84. i have an AP psych test tommorrow on parts of the brain, im hoping and thinking this will work! thank you so much!

  85. It was such a great video to watch … so amazing how you take the time to make psych more easier for us … πŸ™‚ thank you so much

  86. Emily, Lilly, Mary and MJ: thanks for your uplifting comments! Glad the video helped.

  87. My friend posted this video to my Facebook, and she kept telling me how she found a video that would really help. I thought she wanted me to procrastinate, but this was wonderful! Thank you so much! I cannot believe how much it has helped me at a college level!

  88. This was so helpful!!!!!! it really got through to me! thank you so much!!!

  89. wow i have a huge psych test tomorrow and i needed to memorize all the parts of the brain and this helped so much!!! thanks so much

  90. this video was great. i laughed out loud and actually remembered every part of the brain. you’re so cute! thank you!!

  91. Adrian: good suggestion. I’ve got a few neurotransmitter mnemonics in my Brain Mnemonics eBook and iPhone app, but I don’t have GABA though. That’s a tough one. Gotta think about that.

  92. This just saved me quite a bit of time. If you’re looking for something else to do mnemoics you might consider neurotransmitters. I dunno about most teachers but mine really laid them on the class so I came up with things like
    acetycholine – learning and memory – Ace is a card, card games need memory so you can learn the rules.
    GABA – blocks neurotransmitter effects – there’s a giant troll named Gaba who’s in your way!

  93. About to have my first Cognitive Neuroscience brain parts test. I feel so much better about it now! Thanks!!!

  94. Just got my AP Psych score and I got a 5. Thank you for all your help. This video helped extremely!!

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  96. You are an amazing guy doing all this to help others, i wish i had a teacher like you.. =( This video is really going to help me for the future =) so thank you so much..P.S i think i may have slight crush on you now :O haha

  97. This is great. I can remember them easily thanks to your unique associations!
    Much Thanks!

  98. Lauren: that is so funny (Ò€œHYPO THE LLAMA!!Ò€)! Thanks for letting me know. I’m so glad that the mnemonics were helpful. I hope your overall grade is high. Thanks again for making my day!


  99. AP test went flawlessly!! Before the test, my friends and I looked at one another and exclaimed “HYPO THE LLAMA!!” haha πŸ™‚ There was a question on almost every part of the brain. I felt so relieved that I knew it so well. Thanks again!

  100. WOW….This video was great. I am such a visual learner and was struggling through this chapter in my Anatomy class. Thank you so much….I am sure to get an A now!

  101. Michael!!

    My AP Psych test is tomorrow!! I was kind of freaking out cause I couldn’t remember the parts of the brain no matter how many times I looked at my study sheet. I typed in “mnemonic device for the parts of the brain psychology” in google and stumbled upon your site. I am now forwarding your link to everyone I know (:

    Not only did it make me laugh out loud (literally)- which calmed my nerves a bit- but also I will now never forget the parts of the brain!! Thank you so much! I don’t know what I would have done without this…

    Your newest fan,

  102. Your video is AMAZING! I was so worried about learning parts of the brain for my exam in 3 weeks and your video was incredibly helpful, I’ll probably be smirking to myself in the exam thinking about hal and amos πŸ™‚ thank you soooooo much! Definitely keeping an eye out for more!

  103. Karin: thanks for the comment and for purchasing the app. The BrainNmonX app and BrainNmonX PDF contain lots more mnemonics on a whole bunch more brain parts, so be sure to check it out if you’ve got a test coming up on the brain!

  104. Brilliant! so funny and helpful πŸ™‚ thank so much. Downloaded your app too. All the best to you!

  105. Little did I know that this video would be so popular. I just wanted to have some fun with mnemonics at the time. Glad this “memorize the brain” video has worked out so well for so many students. Very cool.

  106. Hi Michael,
    Fantastic video. Purchased your pdf as well! I was pulling my hair out trying to remember what did what and where? Got your site added to my favourites now!
    Thank you so much.

  107. I wrote a comment about a year ago about how I was so glad to have found this as I was studying for my AP Psychology exam (on which I made a 4, I might add!)
    Now I am a Freshman in college studying Nutrition. As part of my required coursework I am currently taking an Anatomy and Physiology class.
    At this point in the semester we just started learning about the nervous system. I instantly thought back to last year’s psychology class and then immediately found this website again just to watch this video.
    So, I just wanted to thank you again and reiterate how helpful it has been! This is now the second time I am using this as a major study aid to memorize the parts of the brain and I’m sure I will be referencing it again in the future!
    Thanks so much for a great, funny video πŸ˜€

  108. Loved it – really helped make the different parts more memorable and even understandable. Thanks.

  109. Hiya
    Thanks for the video was awesome, i do biology and psychology and have to learn about the brain for both and i was struggling to get my head around all the different parts with there long names that i couldn’t even pronounce!!!This video totally cracked me up really funny specially the really scary wig and with dollars stuck to his head….. genuis πŸ™‚
    p.s please do more

  110. Wow. Guess I have to do more of these mnemonics videos! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments!

  111. Haha, I liked this a lot!! You made it so fun, and I laughed quite a lot. I have just started Intro to Psych, and we just did projects on the brain. However even after that I really didn’t remember any of them as well as I will now! haha, Thanks so much for this, it was really funny and great, now I will remember them! I think I will even refer my teacher to this site and video, it was so good and really helped!! Thanks!

  112. thank you so much! my teacher recommended this video to my class and it has definately helped! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!

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  114. Your mnemonics are extremely helpful! I’m taking AP Psychology right now and this will be so useful for the exam!! Thank you so much for taking the time to come up with these mnemonics πŸ™‚

  115. Very, very cool! I so love it. Thank you very much.

    Although I am a doctoral student, I have yet to truly memorize the various parts of the brain and you have given me a creative way to do so.

    Please post more!

  116. Oh so deliciously tenuous and surreal.
    I really must bow to your superior childlike intellect.

  117. Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for this video, I’ve been having a hard time remembering the brain and its functions. This has helped a lot with my studies πŸ™‚


  118. Thank you so much! I have a Psych test in three days and now I feel more prepared thank I have for the past week for it. I know that I will hopefully sail through the brain parts portion. Thank you so much!!!

    Maybe I’ll even get my first A in psychology…..

  119. -sighs- I wish I would have found this before I took my AP psychology test on biological influences…and got a C-. Meh, oh well… I can use it on my cum test now! But seriously… you have no idea how much this helped! πŸ™‚


  120. I have a big Psych Test coming up next week on the brain and this helped me so much I cant even begin to explain it to you.
    Your helping out so much thank you πŸ™‚

  121. this helped me alot, plus i can apply this learning style to things in the future thanks!

  122. I have my first Psych test on Friday and was having trouble memorizing the parts of the brain. Now I’m pretty confident I’ll remember them. I love the Hal and Amos part. And the PON(D)S. My favourite! πŸ˜€ Thanks a lot.

  123. Joel: whatever works is how I look at it and if “Amy is Angry” works for you then go with it. You’ve got alliteration going there (both Amy and Angry start with A) which is always helpful. I like your hippocampus idea too. Whatever is going to stick in your head.

  124. These are awesome! Thank you! I often use two women’s names for Amygdala and Cerebellum, Amy is always angry and “Sarah” is athletic. Also for hippocampus I point out that if a hippo showed up on our school campus that would be pretty memorable. Thanks again!

  125. I wanted to thank you. Your mnemonics helped me write my own. I can’t remember all those different things, so I turn mine into stories. I have one for the original 13 colonies and for spelling some words. Here’s what I have so far for the hind brain.
    A long time ago Corey was driving up the highway. Along the way he stopped in a small town. While he was there he saved an elderly man having a heart attack, automatically earning him a medal. Further up the road he spotted a relaxing pond and decided to pull over and take a nap. It wasn’t long before he was startled by a loud sound. He looked up and saw a very inebriated man dancing on a roof wearing bells.
    Corey and highway = spinal cord
    Medal, automatic, and heart = medulla (thank you for that one)
    Pond, sleep, and relaxation = pons (yours too)
    Inebriated, dancing, and roof (coordination & balance) = cerebellum

  126. Thanks soo much for that! Coming from a nonscience background that will definitely aid me in the biological component in my psych course…I was never gonna be able to remember all of that otherwise. Definitely gonna help me in my exam on monday …YAY! Keep up the awesome vids…now i shall have to go check out your podcasts to see what else I can learn in a most fun, amusing and memorable fashion πŸ˜€

  127. Thanks a lot for this great video. Helped me pass the AP test this morning and my class really enjoyed the video

  128. Thank you so much for taking your time to help us in such a creative way! This will majorly help me on my AP Psych test tomorrow morning.

  129. Thanks so much for this video! The AP exam is tomorrow, and I wanted to get some last minute cramming done on the brain. The brain seems pretty easy to remember now, thanks so much!

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  131. This was awesome, too bad I didn’t find this when I was taking A&P. I will keep this in my database…

  132. Looks like everybody is taking exams. Glad to hear that the mnemonics are helping. Once of my teachers once said that you should go into every test with a “fighting attitude”. So go get ’em!

  133. Wow, that was a wonderful video! I am just now studying for my AP Exams, and for my psychology one I knew that the first thing I need to study is the neuroscience section. This video was great, I’m bound to remember all the brain parts and their functions for my exam on Tuesday! I’m going to pass this on to my psych teacher! Thanks again for the video πŸ™‚
    P.S. my favorite part was when you said the “Medulloo” by accident πŸ˜›

  134. This is wicked! Tomorrow I have a neuropsychology exam and this is helping me so much! Thanks a lot from the Netherlands

  135. Hi Michael!

    While studying neuropsychology for my exam, I got an email with this link in it. It’s incredible! I can remember those things that were very hard to remember for me! Thanks a lot. Maybe now I will pass my exam.

    Kind regards,
    Nienke (from the Netherlands!)

  136. Hi Michael

    I just wanted to say along with all the other comments how helpful this video is.
    If only there were one of these videos for every subject and area I am studying.

    It is quite surprising the things that will help you remember. Even while watching I was doubtful I could remember once the video was over. I was wrong, as soon as I hear the names of the area’s of the brain the video and words come straight back to me as if I were watching it again. It must be nice to know you are helping students all around the world (I am from New Zealand).

    So thank you.

    Kind regards

  137. Wow!! I wish I had found this site months ago. I take the EPPP in three days and the parts of the brain are one of the few things I’m still trying to remember. I’m going to scour the rest of your site to see if I can find mnemonics for the other handful of things I’m trying to memorize!

  138. Thanks so much for these comments! Really appreciate you taking the time. And as for kids: yes, I have twin 10 year olds and right now I’m lucky if I can get them to sit down and do their homework! Again thanks. Michael

  139. This is an echo of all the posts above but thank you!!! This video helped my sister and I get A’s on our tests! I’ll never forget the parts of the brain. and from the comments above I can tell this has helped many students. I dont know if you have kids but theyre going to be very lucky!

  140. Loved it.. you made it fun, and impossible to forget the brain. Thank you so much Michael, Will definately be back for more! -Melissa

  141. Hey there, we are now learning the nervous system in class and I am so glad my teacher mentioned this video to us, this was a very funny and interesting video. These little tricks are going to help me so much, especially considering I am a visual person and I will be thinking of this video during my exam, thank you very much!


  142. This really helped me so much!!! I just got my test back and I got all of the parts right!

  143. Glad your instructor and friends enjoyed the video. sympathetic/parasympathetic innervations eh? Hmm…gotta think about that one…it’s definitely not a topic that psychologists would study. Not really my strength I’m afraid. Sorry

  144. Hey there. This is for Human Anatomy/Physiology class 1.
    That video really did help me out on the test and I told all my friends and even the instructor. She thought it was hysterical and great. Also looking for anything on sympathetic/parasympatheic innervations-.
    Thanks again for making it memorable and fun!

  145. Sorry – I don’t have anything on that but I could look into it. Is this for an Intro Psych class or some other class?

  146. Hey there!
    Love this lesson on brain parts/functions. Helped me thru a test!
    You wouldn’t happen to have any on sensory pathways? Sensory tracts, motor pathways,etc?

  147. Thanks so much for sharing that mnemonic for the parts of the brain. I, like the others that wrote, wish I had found it sooner. I’ll be sure to share it with classmates.

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