Episode 2: Rewards and Punishments

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Do you believe in spanking children to get to them to behave? There is a lot of controversy, discussion and research on this topic. The research points to one strong conclusion: spanking does NOT work. In this episode I discuss the various kinds of rewards and punishments we use to modify our children’s behavior. I address the views and research on this topic near the end of the episode.

Research On the Negative Effects of Spanking

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2 Comments on “Episode 2: Rewards and Punishments”

  1. I don’t agree that that spanking does not work. However, I do not believe that a person should spank their children. In many articles above it states in the article that hitting your kids can lead to aggression later in life and give ruin a parent and child relationship. Punishment by spanking will motivate a child not to do something but it has a negative outcome. Rather using a negative reinforcement than a punishment.

  2. I think you have a valid point in a lot of what you said. I believe we shouldn’t beat our kids, we should punish them maybe even by whooping ,but not beating but by a few licks to say don’t do that. We all learn from pain, we all touch the pot on the stove and got burned. I’m sure we didn’t turn around and do it again.

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