Episode 100: Reflections on 100 Episodes of The Psych Files

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Well, it’s here – episode 100. I take this time to reflect on which episodes have made the most impact on the podcast and the episodes and listeners that have taught me the most. Also, I provide a little background on how the podcast is produced, along with what programs and equipment are used. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me over the years to provide feedback and thanks to everyone else for being listeners and contributing to the success of The Psych Files!

Some Favorite Episodes

Psychology Resources I Use for The Psych Files

Podcasting Resources

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9 Comments on “Episode 100: Reflections on 100 Episodes of The Psych Files”

  1. Hi, thank you for your work! I came across The Psych Files last spring while searching online for anything regarding mnemonics while putting together a poster for my research methods class. I also found the Erickson mnemonics helpful for my developmental psych class that semester. I’ve been off over the summer, but now getting ready for ab psych, biological psych and history systems this fall, I decided to catch up with your podcasts again. I’m not mowing the lawn while listening, but I am working, state goverment, data verification; you are keeping my brain active. I do appreciate what you are doing here, thanks again!

  2. Thanks Sarah. Just don’t vacuum up the cat! (I’d feel partially responsible) Michael

  3. I heard you tell us you have a listener that told you he listens to your podcasts whilst mowing lawns. I was listening whilst I was vaccuming during my work providing domestic assistance as a support worker in the community. Thank you for the opportunity to make mundane tasks a time of learning! Congratulations on making 100 podcasts, keep up the good work!

    Sarah in Tasmania, Australia.

  4. Thanks Rodrigo. I did see some research on how self-esteem changes naturally during the teen years (and beyond). That might address your interest. I’ll take a look at it again and see if I can put it in the schedule. Michael

  5. I’m a teacher and work with teens, so I’d love to hear something about them and their psychological challenges that they face nowadays. Also, congratulations on your podcasts. I’m a great fan! I’m looking forward to the next topics. From Brazil.

  6. Glad to hear that the X-files connection wasn’t an issue. I suppose it wouldn’t be for a lot of people if it’s not pointed out.

    Always open to hearing your comments if you don’t agree. Feel free to leave those thoughts here or email me.


  7. Well, I think The Psych Files is a good name and I never actually thought of The X Files.

    I’m not in the field, but I find it interesting. I like the case study descriptions and the parts where I can actually learn something about psychology. I don’t always agree with everything, but that’s how it is, right? It is good that people are still studying this stuff. For many, maintaining good mental health and not wasting life with fruitless persuits due to misunderstandings is really their primary concern.

  8. Rishelle: thank you so much for your very kind thoughts! Meadmap is a great tool isn’t it? That reminds me – I created a map for the episode on evolutionary psychology but I never got around to finishing it. I’ll see if I can do that today or tomorrow. Regarding the singing – well, I’ve certainly spent enough money on singing lessons over the years. I really do enjoy it. You’re the first fan I know of from Salzburg. I visited Salzburg while I was in college (many years ago) and, I have to admit it, I took the Sound of Music tour. Anyway, I thought Salzburg was beautiful. Thanks again for your wonderful comment! Michael

  9. Your podcast and website continues to be a great source of inspiration to me as I ponder the future of education and e-learning. Thank you for your consistently high quality presentations. I especially appreciate your how-to tips and the link to Meadmap – an invaluable resource.
    You have a very melodic voice, I bet you are a pretty good singer!
    Looking forward to your first millenium podcast!
    greetings from Salzburg, Austria

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