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This site supports The Psych Files podcast. The site is not course, instructor, or textbook specific. The information contained here and in the episodes is intended to be of interest to anyone who is either a psychology major in college or to those who are interested in how psychological theories apply to everyday life.

I taught a variety of psychology courses during my 10 years as a psychology professor at Marist College. I enjoy talking about psychological theory and I hope that you find the podcasts interesting and informative. I’m going to try not to lecture to you. What I’m going to do here is give you handy ways to understand some of the complex (but fascinating) concepts in the field . Hopefully this information will help students do well on their tests and for others it will simply entertain or provide exposure to the many interesting sides of psychology.

If I’m doing this right, you can come here, look for what you need, find it, read it or listen to it, and then leave. I’d be happy to read any comments on any of the podcasts or blogs. Perhaps you have a better idea of how to explain or remember something. Let me know. I’ll be happy to update my blog posts with your input and give you credit for it.

Got your own interesting questions about psychology? Let me know and I’ll see if I can put together a podcast on the topic or at least respond to you here on the blog.

One thing to note:

This site is NOT a self-help site. There are many, many sites on the web where you can get advice or find links to helpful therapists or counselors. This site isn’t one of them. I’m going to talk about a variety of interesting topics in psychology, and some of them may deal with the theories behind therapeutic approaches, but I am not a practicing therapist. I hope you find this site and the related podcast interesting, but if you feel you’d like to talk to someone you’re better off discussing this with family members or close friends to find an appropriate therapist.

Enjoy the episodes and the site and be sure to email me or post to let me know how I’m doing and how I might improve!

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4 Comments on “ThePsychFiles Podcast and Blog”

  1. Daniel: thanks for your kind words about the podcast and if it’s helping you to learn more about the field and stay connected with it that’s great. One of the main reasons why I do it and a comment like yours is, as B.F. Skinner would say, reinforcing. Thanks.

  2. Hi Professor Britt. I was browsing the apps for one of my kids, to enhance his math and science learning experience, by accident I found your app, and so later through online research your web site. I am delighted and happy to have found your site and be able to listen to your podcast. I am currently just an student, recently graduated with a BA in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill California. I found your podcast very instructive and informative. I really appreciate you committing your time to help others reach their potential in this field. I too, one day, would like to be a professor, perhaps, even create a blog as well. Yet, I am not that experienced. Currently, I am looking forward to continue on with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Times are though, but glad to be able to hear you pod-casting about topics that help me reinforce my psychological vocation and personal endeavor.

  3. Jean,

    Thanks for asking, but feel free to link to the podcast – no need to ask me first. I appreciate your interest!

  4. Would you like us to request permission prior to linking to your podcasts from an online course?

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