When Good People Do Bad Things

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For years, the Stanford Prison Study has been used to tout the idea that putting any individual in a position of absolute control brings out the worst in them (and in a more general sense, that people conform to the roles they’re placed in). An article appearing in Scientific American (Rethinking the Infamous Stanford Prison Experiment) includes new information leading researchers to … Read More

Cats: Not As Aloof As We Think

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Here’s a current topic you might want to add to the Development chapter of your psych text for students to consider: do dogs and cats get attached to their owners? We certainly get attached to them. You might begin by asking student dog owners how they know their dog is attached to them. What kinds of behaviors indicate this? Now … Read More

The Chore of Getting Men to Do Housework

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Like it or not, certain tasks around the house seem to have traditional gender roles attached to them. Females in the family often do the indoor tasks like cleaning and cooking and males often are assigned the outdoor tasks like mowing the grass and fixing the car. This is hilariously portrayed in this skit from Saturday Night Live: It seems … Read More

Ep 340 What’s a High Sensation Seeker?

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Kenneth Carter's book on Sensation Seeking: Buzz

Do you like to bungee jump? Perhaps you’re into parachuting or wing suit flying? If so, you’re probably a “high sensation seeker” In this fascinating interview with Dr. Kenneth Carter, author of the new book “Buzz!”, we talk about what kind of personality a sensation seeker has and what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone like this. … Read More

Ep 339: What Makes a Song Appealing?

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What Makes a Song Appealing?

Music researchers analyzed over 700 top Billboard songs (which included examining over 80,000 chords) and they determined that the “Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da” is the most appealing song ever written. How in the world, you might ask, did they choose that (some would say annoying) song?! Let’s find out how two key ingredients – surprise and uncertainty – combine to create songs that … Read More

Ep 335: Conspiracy Theories – Why So Easy To Believe?

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Why Do We Believe In Conspiracy Theories?

Why do some conspiracy theories seem to have so much evidence to support them? Well, that’s because if you look hard enough at any event, and you don’t have any particular theory before you start looking, you’re eventually going to find something. And you’ll probably think that thing is AMAZING. This is what careful thinkers and researchers have to learn: … Read More

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