Cloning Voices: Scary Maybe, But Also Therapeutic?

I’ve been exploring the technology of voice cloning, and it’s raised some important questions. While I’m concerned about the potential misuse of AI voice therapy, I’ve also seen its therapeutic benefits firsthand. I used ElevenLabs to recreate my father’s voice, which was a unique and emotional experience. It made me think about the possibilities of therapeutic voice cloning for people who have lost loved ones or are struggling with communication due to illness or injury.

While there are ethical considerations in voice cloning that need to be addressed, I believe this technology has the potential to make a positive impact. It could be used to support people’s mental health and well-being, particularly in cases where hearing a loved one’s voice could bring comfort and closure. As this technology continues to develop, it’s essential that we prioritize its responsible use and consider its potential applications in AI-powered voice restoration and voice cloning for mental health.



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