Ep 292: Yes, Computers Can Guess Your Sexual Orientation

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Computer Can Guess Your Sexual Orientation

On this episode I talk about a several psych topics, including what computer programs look at when they try to guess your sexual orientation – and they are really accurate at doing so. Also: anxiety blankets and the musical Hairspray – what do we reveal about ourselves sometimes when we don’t even know it!

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Talk about being afraid of rats – I understand the guy, but keep an eye on the cat!

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3 Comments on “Ep 292: Yes, Computers Can Guess Your Sexual Orientation”

  1. I don’t believe this could really work, as there’s a wide range of trait for gay people as much as straight people. As well to adhering or non adhering to some “sterotypical” traits (not in negative), the theatrical, the “gay voice”, which are more encouraged in some gay environments. Less in others hence the “straight acting” or “straight presenting”, also non conforming to gender norms is more encouraged, but now more straight people do it? And could this have worked in the 80’s non bisexual rockstar and “ordinary” people, who wore makeup even out of stage, just because they like it?
    It could maybe work in part as detecting a response from image of same sex people.

  2. That’s a calming one too: “Sorry for your loss”.
    Sounds like you had a similar experience in the bathroom trying to get rid of a rat. Your cat was also scared. Hm. Guess I thought cats would attack rats. Looks like I’m wrong there. I like your idea of using a line of treats that lead into the cat cage. Should work.

  3. Sorry for your loss. I usually just say that at least they’re not suffering anymore.

    Funny, I locked myself in bathroom with cat as a teen when I noticed rat had gnawed through sheetrock and was in there. Dog was barking like crazy outside the door and rat just ran over cat who was cowering behind toilet. I eventually scared rat back through its hole by spraying it with something.

    How ’bout some Skinner positive reinforcement? Place a line of treats into carrier for cat over time and they’ll like the carrier. My cat, not the same as one above from decades ago, is currently sick so I swaddle her in a towel like papoose to give her pills. She fought the towel at first but I think now is too weak to put up much of a fight and may not have much time left 🙁 I don’t even bother with the towel anymore since she pees on me when I pick her up now.

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