Ep 291: How Important is Your Name? Maybe A Lot

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Your Name Shapes You

What do you think of your name? Like it? Do you prefer a nickname or do you prefer when people call you by your full name? Why do you think people have these preferences? That’s what we’re looking at in this episode – research showing that other people (and yourself) might be shaping you to actually look like and act like your name. It’s not a conspiracy – it’s science. I also look at the latest research on exercise and how it is that one day’s exercise might just make the next day a whole lot better.

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One Comment on “Ep 291: How Important is Your Name? Maybe A Lot”

  1. Sounds like astrology.
    Do all Michael’s look the same? Do they act the same?
    I think I read somewhere that parents might be influenced by pop culture when naming their child. A few years back Brittany was a popular girl’s name (I think because Brittany Spears was always in the news at the time). I don’t know if people named their little girls Madonna 25 years ago though 🙂
    Names seem arbitrary to me. Words, collections of sounds, seem that way too. How about a podcast on words? I heard once the B-sound in Big helped convey “bigness” whereas the s-sound in small did the same for smallness. It’s been the only non-arbitrary approach to connecting sounds for word-making that I’ve ever heard. Know more?

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