Ep 249: How To Build a Psychology App

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Psychology App

I created my Brain Mnemonics app in 2009 and ever since then people have asked me, “How do you build an app?”. There are a lot of ways, but in this video I give you a behind the scenes look at my popular app called Brain Mnemonics. If you need to memorize the parts of the brain, the neuron, neurotransmitters and brain scans – this is the app for you. If you’re just interested in how apps get made – well, this is one way. Everything from the initial idea to the programming is highlighted in this video episode. Feel free to check out the app below.

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5 Comments on “Ep 249: How To Build a Psychology App”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I am dyslexic and doing my Masters in Osteopathy, you have just given me emense hope in becoming fluent with all the difficult to recall words.
    thank you so much.
    Elizabeth :-))

  2. Glad you asked. I just learned that the program I used to create Brain Mnemonics is actually changing it’s name from Adobe Flash to Adobe Animate. Here’s the link.

  3. Hello Michael,

    What is the name of the app you used to create this? Could you link it? I know you said “Adobe Flash,” but I am unsure what exact app that is.


  4. Thanks so much for letting me know about the typo! It was an old image that I forgot to update. Fixed!

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