Ep 250: How I Use Snapchat In My Class

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Here's my snapcode!

Here’s my snapcode!

Snapchat got a pretty bad rap over the past few years, but did you know that you actually can use this video messaging app in ways that really do help students see the applications of what their teachers are learning in their everyday lives. In this episode I share my experiences using Snapchat with my psychology class. Yes it has it’s limitations, but it also has some strengths that I think are worth looking at. Join me as I explore snapchat and give you samples of “snaps” I sent my students.

Resources on Snapchat and Education

    • My Snapchat username is: jmsbnmsb
    • Dr. John Mohl’s Snapchat username is: drmohl

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3 Comments on “Ep 250: How I Use Snapchat In My Class”

  1. I absolutely LOVED this episode! It was funny and made me laugh. I just added you to snapchat so hopefully I get your acceptance soon! Great way to be creative and I hope you don’t become too discouraged from the minimal response-rate from your students. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks so much Johannes! That’s one of my main goals: bring some practicality to all this theory. Appreciate the comment and your kind words.

  3. Very cool episode. I’ll tell my teachers about the project first thing on monday. Your podcast has been a large inspiration for me to study psychology, and i find you’re practical approach very in valuable in making theory interesting. Thank you

    Johannes 18, Norwegian Highschool-student

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