Ep 213: Leveraging Our Natural Curiosity for Learning (and for Blog and Video Clicks)

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How to get people to click your blog title

How do we motivate you to click online? Well, we don’t necessarily have to pay you to get you to do things (extrinsic motivation) because you’re already a curious person. We also don’t necessarily have to find things you’re already interested in (intrinsic motivation) we just have to find things that are naturally interesting to all of us to get you excited about learning or interested in clicking on a link. How does our attraction to puzzles, questions, and unsolved mysteries get used to get us to click on videos or blog posts? And how can it be used to get students to want to learn (motivation to learn)? You’ll find out that there are ways to get students excited about learning without having to pay them and there are ways to attract people to your content by tapping into their natural curiosity.

Just don’t overuse this (watch out UpWorthy) and don’t fail to deliver! Hopefully this episode will deliver on introducing you to some new ideas to help you motivate others.A big part of what motivates people, as individuals who pursue an MBA in Marketing learn, is consuming behavior. Every decision that a consumer makes is based on psychology, sociology, and anthropology, with all of these aspects coming together to help the individual make up his or her mind. The same can be said for convincing people to visit a web page, as they must be sold on what to expect once they click the link. Communication is important when building this relationship with the consumer, since you must get your ideas out there in an efficient and concise manner.

Resources on the Motivation to Learn

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