Episode 32: Psych Tests, Mnemonics, and Two Keys to Faster Learning

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Come with me as I explore mnemonic techniques and how you can use them to study for tests. Also: learn 2 keys to true, lasting learning.


Resources For This Episode

Mnemonic Techniques:

  • Acronyms: “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge” and ROY G BIV
  • Rhyme – “30 days has September”
  • method of Loci
  • Pegword (“one is a bun”)
  • Keywords
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5 Comments on “Episode 32: Psych Tests, Mnemonics, and Two Keys to Faster Learning”

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  2. Jim: I think you really have to have a need to use them in order to put the into practice. I don’t use them a whole lot, but for example I recently got a new cell phone and I used the pegword system to memorize the new phone number until the number became stamped into my memory. College students really need them I think because they have so much to memorize for tests. And teachers should (hopefully) use them in their teaching. I guess if you’re not using mnemonics it’s probably because you’re not in one of those situations.

  3. Having known mnemonics system–loci, major, rhyme–and mind maps for more than 8 years, I am sad to say that I have rarely practiced it. (I learned them primarily through Tony Buzan)
    What are the motivation to practicing more? Could you make a podcast for those of us who have known meta-learning techniques for a long time, but are not willing to systematically practice?


  4. I think the lessons given are very helpful. They give you exciting things and make you want to learn about Mnemonic

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