Psychology Research Methods: Check Out “The Mappr”!

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Taking a psychology class? Confused about Research Methods? Let me know what you think of a new tool I built which I call the "MAPPR". That stands for "Make A Personal Psych Review" (best name I could come up with). Here’s what it does: I’ve selected a typical topic from an Intro Psych course: the scientific method (might be referred to as Research Methods in your textbook) and I chose what I think are the bold terms that most students of psychology would have to learn from the chapter on this topic. I put these terms into a concept map and then recorded my own explanations for what these terms mean. Then (not done yet) I put the concept map and the audio files into a small online application which allows you to choose only those terms you find difficult or which you want to review. So: on the map you click the terms you want to review and then click the "Play" button and hear my explanation of those terms. It’s probably best to check it out yourself.

Let me know what you think!

Click here to go to the MAPPR

In case you want to download the map itself, click on the image below and then print out or download the jpg image on the next screen.

Research Methods Map

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10 Comments on “Psychology Research Methods: Check Out “The Mappr”!”

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  2. Cool! I liked your stuff. Could you add more on the research methods file. I think it will be helpful if you explain the concepts like: Between-subject and withing subject designs and 1-factor design and factorial designs.


  3. I like it~ but not all of the methods have weaknesses and strengths shown~ though will share with students as an idea (and software) to bounce from. Thanks ~:-)

  4. Tamara,

    Glad you liked the MAPPR. I’m working on more chapters now. I hope to have Biology, Therapy and Abnormal out soon.


  5. This is a great tool, made far more sense than my text books, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.

  6. Love the mapping format- If there were more chapters, it reminds me of something that one of my undergrad professors would have had us log into throughout the semester to review main concepts and then build off of with additional terms covered in class.

    It is impossible to cover the breadth of any psychology topic, although i believe you chose the most salient points for the research subject posted here. So basically, I think the Mappr provides an excellent visual to help clafify any terminology confusion, but perhaps more importantly, it helps users understand the interconnections of various concepts and how to apply mapping as a strategy for future learning.

    Good job- it is obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the mappr.

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  8. Dave,

    Glad you like the idea, but I made the map using Adobe Flash. You and/or your students would have to know a good deal about Flash in order to customize the file and make other maps. Sorry about that. I’m happy to email you the file though if you’d like.

    One alternative to what I’ve done here is an online mapping tool called Cmaps ( This is a great tool and not hard to learn. You can also easily add audio, links, etc. to the maps you make. Check it out. I used Cmap to make the Episode Map (click on this link at the top of the page to see it).


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