Episode 129 (video): Science Shows Superstitions Actually Work! Sort of…

MichaelCognition, Intelligence and Language, Critical Thinking, Motivation11 Comments

Okay, admit it – you have some kind of lucky charm on you, in your car or in your house. And if you participate in any sport or performance activity you have some sort of ritual that you believe will help make you more successful. Well guess what – there is research to show that such charms and rituals really do help you perform better.

Episode 127 (video): Phrenology: Maybe They Were On To Something

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Everyone can picture one of those phrenology heads with personality traits drawn into different sections of the cranium. Was there anything to that? Well, not exactly. However, with the use of MRI scans researchers today may have located where certain personality traits lie in your brain. Travel with me into a 3D brain and let’s find out where your personality may lie.

Episode 126: Your Eyes Are Making Your Stomach Big

MichaelBiopsychology6 Comments

There are many reasons why it is difficult to lose weight, but have you considered how supernormal stimuli might be one of them? In this episode I discuss some of the ideas in the books Waistland and Supernormal Stimuli by Dierdre Barrett. Is it possible that the old saying Everything in Moderation might just be wrong? And will Small Changes really help you to get in shape or are radical changes really the way to go?

Episode 121: Top 10 Psychology Apps for the iPad, iPhone, & iPod

MichaelBiopsychology, Cognition, Intelligence and Language, Disorders, Learning/Memory, Motivation, Perception, Social Psychology, Teaching Tools, Therapy28 Comments

In this video episode I show you 10 of what I consider to be the best psychology apps in the app store. There are a lot of apps out there and many are not so good, but in this episode I pick out what I consider to be credible therapy apps, excellent mobile mind mapping tools, relaxation apps, games based on Gestalt principles of psychology, and some of the best 3 dimensional ways to look at the brain.

Episode 109: Correlation and Causation

MichaelResearch and Stats11 Comments

Looking for examples of correlation and causation? You’ve heard it a million times: correlation doesn’t mean causation. Still need help? Well, here’s a humorous look at this topic that I think drives home the point. The Psych Files "Breaking News" explores whether satisfied workers are more productive and whether living together causes divorce. I hope you enjoy this unique video … Read More

Episode 105: Smart Birds are More Successful with the Ladies

MichaelGender/Sexuality2 Comments

A popular piece of animal research indicates that intelligent male Browerbirds appear to have greater mating success (researcher lingo for sex). The more sensitive birds may also be more preferred by the opposite sex as well. So much for the jocks. Find out about this fascinating research on animals in this video episode of The Psych Files.

Episode 95 (video): Advanced Mnemonics: The Phonetic Alphabet Part 1

MichaelLearning/Memory7 Comments

Did you know there’s a mnemonic device that is more powerful than the "One is a bun" pegword mnemonic? In this video I show you the advanced pegword mnemonic system in which every number becomes a letter and a concrete word that you can visualize to help you remember a list of any length.

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