Episode 105: Smart Birds are More Successful with the Ladies

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A popular piece of animal research indicates that intelligent male Browerbirds appear to have greater "mating success" (researcher lingo for sex). The more sensitive birds may also be more preferred by the opposite sex as well. So much for the jocks. Find out about this fascinating research on animals in this video episode of The Psych Files.

Resources On Animal Intelligence

  • Many thanks to Jason Keagy for his communication regarding this research.
  • Here is a link to Dr. Gerald Borgia‘s website where you can learn more about the activities of his research group (including info on applying to become a research assistant).
  • Thanks to professor Emeritus Stephen Black from Bishop’s University for alerting the Teaching in Psychology discussion list about this neat study on browerbirds
  • More on problem solving animals: If you haven’t seen these crows do some neat problem solving then you’re in for a treat.

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2 Comments on “Episode 105: Smart Birds are More Successful with the Ladies”

  1. The lady Bower birds are very impressed with blue things. This colour doesn’t occur much in nature but does in the human world. Bower bird bowers in locations closer to towns (Wallaby Creek is out in the sticks) will be decorated with any number of blue items, mostly plastic, such as drink bottle lids, drinking straws and similar. This bright patch of blue in the otherwise brown/green bushland is quite distinctive.

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