Episode 116: Social Loafing – Don’t Be a Sucker or a Free Loader!

MichaelI/O Psychology, Social Psychology4 Comments

Do you like working in a group? Most people don’t because they’re afraid that they’ll have to do most of the work (wind up being a sucker) and that other group members won’t do their share of the work (free loaders). Want to find out how to avoid this and make your group work productive? Learn how the Agile software development technique can be adapted to your help your next group project be a success.

Episode 91: The Psychology of Effective Meetings

MichaelI/O Psychology, Social Psychology5 Comments

Do you hate meetings as much as I do? Business people and students often hate meetings and group projects because it’s hard to get everyone to participate and it’s hard to just get things done. I talk with professional project manager April Montana who shares with you some of her secrets to making group members get things done.

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