Episode 91: The Psychology of Effective Meetings

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businessmeeting_smallDo you hate meetings as much as I do? How do you make them work? Business people and students often hate meetings and group projects because it’s hard to get everyone to participate and it’s hard to just get things done. In this episode of The Psych Files I show the many connections between a typical Introductory Psychology textbook and the everyday event of a business or group meeting. In the end I talk with professional project manager April Montana who shares with you some of her secrets to making group members get things done.

Thank you to April Montana for sharing her experience running meetings.

  • Here is a template for running effective meetings. I hope this is helpful to you in getting a productive meeting up and running. This is the format we use for most every meeting I have with April and this process for running meetings is extremely effective.

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5 Comments on “Episode 91: The Psychology of Effective Meetings”

  1. My university uses this podcast as an additional resource for learning about the psychology of team work. Interesting stuff, Michael.

  2. Mike, I see you are closing in on your centennial episode. Quite an accomplishment.

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