Ep 277: How to Remember Names and the Psychology of that BBC Interrupted Interview

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How To Remember Names

It’s hard to remember names – here’s how to do it. You’ll use your imagination and some weird imagery – but this works.

Here’s another great use of mnemonics. I’ll give you a bunch of people’s names and describe the images I created to help me remember them. Give your brain a little room to roam and put it to practical use. Also, I look at recent research that provides yet another reason why names are hard to remember. By the way, let me ask you a question: How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark? The answer: 0 (re-read the question…).

I also take a look at that viral video called the “BBC Interrupted Interview”. What’s the psychology behind why many people thought the woman in the video was a nanny when she was the mother. We’ll see how stereotypes develop.

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7 Comments on “Ep 277: How to Remember Names and the Psychology of that BBC Interrupted Interview”

  1. Hi Michael
    My dyslexic 13 year old daughter found your mnemonics for learning the names for the parts of the ear and eyes incredibly helpful. Thank you. Can you please let me know which of your apps covers this? Its not clear from the apple store which one it is.

  2. “Elves on a path” – I can picture that. Love it! So all you’d have to do is imagine this specific person walking along a path along with 5-6 other elves. Works for me.

  3. Yes, unique name. Okay, here’s the image that came to mind: an elf spitting. Of course, I don’t know what you look like, so I don’t know if the image of an elf could be attached in my mind to your face or body, but if you were short then this would really work well. Thanks for the challenge – what do you think? 🙂

  4. As someone with a rare name, I’d love to hear what mnemonic you’d come up for mine: Elspeth.

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