Ep 235: Want to Swap Bodies?

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What if you could swap bodies with someone else? What would it be like to be someone of the opposite sex? A different race? We’re getting darn close to being able to do that with new techniques like the Rubber Hand Illusion, the Enfacement illusion, and now the Full body illusion. You can now virtually switch bodies with someone else and thanks to our mirror neurons and other brain systems, you can have a very different sense of body ownership. Come listen to me talk about the latest research on this topic and some potential intriguing applications to problems like bullying.



Resources on Body Swapping


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7 Comments on “Ep 235: Want to Swap Bodies?”

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. This is a very interesting concept in general . I could only imagine what attitudes/ biased natures we could change if we could put people into those scenarios. Once again great podcast. I look forward to listening to more. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words Beth. Glad you’re enjoying the podcast.

  3. I started listening to your podcast several years ago. I took a class that used them. I love them. Thank you for making some tough topics easier to understand.

  4. Hi Jonah. Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. I don’t know about “site this” – can you send me a link or explain how it works?


  5. Hey guys! My psychology class uses this site a lot! Great podcasts. Have you guys thought about putting a “site this” option on the page? Some of the other resources we use have that and it’s a small yet helpful addition.

  6. You’re correct. There is no “download” link anymore. I had to switch my audio player to a new one which is html5-compliant. So now the page loads faster and the audio can be heard on any mobile device. Unfortunately, the new player doesn’t have a download link 🙁 I’ll look into this further to see if it’s possible to add one.

  7. hi
    for some reason i can’t seem to save any of your recent podcast files as mp3 format,(want to put it on my mp3 player)

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