Ep 199: Depth Perception – How Your Brain Sees What’s Not There

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How do you create a sense of depth in a flat image? In this video I’ll show you how to use 5 cues of depth perception to turn a flat image into one that looks like it has depth. I’ll be drawing from terms you would learn about in a chapter from a psychology text on Sensation and Perception. We’ll have a little fun exploring how we can use what your brain expects to see to trick it into seeing what we want it to see.

Depth Perception Before & After

Depth Cues Shown in this Video

  • Relative Size
  • Overlapping or Interposition
  • Density
  • Blur (Texture Gradient)
  • Color
  • Motion Parallax

Great Resources on Depth Perception

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2 Comments on “Ep 199: Depth Perception – How Your Brain Sees What’s Not There”

  1. Eric, the .mov version is a very large file. I'm not sure where I'd be able to host a file that big. Is there any other video format you were thinking of?

  2. Darn .MP4 format. I listen at work but we can't load any of what I would need to watch it due to server restrictions on program loading. Can it be converted to a different format and given a link, or is it, in its final state, absolutely set?

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