Episode 94: How Do You Learn to Act Like a Man/Woman? Gender Identity and Gender Scripts

MichaelDevelopment, Gender/Sexuality13 Comments

How do we learn to act in what are called "gender appropriate" ways? How did you learn to act like a girl and then a woman? Or like a boy and then like a man? Did you experience either penis envy or womb envy? Or did you learn to act like you do by watching males and females on TV? In this episode of The Psych Files we look at the interesting and complex issue of gender identity.

Episode 87: Manhood: Are You A “Real Man”?

MichaelDevelopment, Gender/Sexuality8 Comments

Why does it seem that males in many cultures have to “prove” their manhood? Do women have to prove their womanhood? Why is this and what happens when men feel like they are less than a man? In this review of a recent research article entitled, “Precarious Manhood”, we take a look at this intriguing issue.

Episode 85: How to Make Learning Fun Again – Constructivism and Democratic Schools – Part 2

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What the heck is constructivism anyway? In this episode I explore that topic with Dr. Eugene Geist. We also explore what some would consider a radical concept in education: democratic schools. What would happen if we let children decide how they wanted to learn? Complete Chaos? Or an exciting new way to get students involved in and taking responsibility for learning?