Ep 340 What’s a High Sensation Seeker?

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Kenneth Carter's book on Sensation Seeking: Buzz
Do you like to bungee jump? Perhaps you’re into parachuting or wing suit flying? If so, you’re probably a “high sensation seeker”. In this fascinating interview with Dr. Kenneth Carter, author of the new book “Buzz!”, we talk about what kind of personality a sensation seeker has and what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone like this.

Resources on High Sensation Seeking

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2 Comments on “Ep 340 What’s a High Sensation Seeker?”

  1. It is May 19 2020 and just found your podcast which I’m sad will go away. I’m thanking you in advance because I see what an amazing legacy of material you’ve produced. I’m afraid you will disappear before I can express gratitude and will listen to what I can till it’s gone but do you have a list of podcast recommendations like yours as an alternative once you’re are gone for the curious, interested student?

  2. Thank you so much Mary Ann for your kind words. I’ll be leaving this site up for a while, but in here are some podcasts I would highly recommend because I listen to them all the time: Hidden Brain, Science Vs, and Invisibilia.

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