Ep 335: Conspiracy Theories – Why So Easy To Believe?

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Why Do We Believe In Conspiracy Theories?

Why do some conspiracy theories seem to have so much evidence to support them? Well, that’s because if you look hard enough at any event, and you don’t have any particular theory before you start looking, you’re eventually going to find something. And you’ll probably think that thing is AMAZING. This is what careful thinkers and researchers have to learn: if you’re going to find something truly amazing, you have to make your predictions FIRST. In this episode I talk about how we can be fooled by conspiracies.

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4 Comments on “Ep 335: Conspiracy Theories – Why So Easy To Believe?”

  1. Very interesting on how people can jump onto a theory from small aspects which all coincidentally form evidence as to why it’s true, even when the reality of the situation is still more believable.

  2. I think it’s unusual that people have time to dig this deep into the lives of other people who they don’t even know, and find it sane to draw large conclusions from small, ambiguous details.

  3. I find it really interesting how people find so many small details to backup their theory.

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