Ep 222: How To Remember Jokes

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How many times have you wanted to remember a joke at a party but you just can’t? Well, there IS a way to remember jokes and I have got 4 jokes for you along with a mnemonic to help you remember all 4 of them. I challenge you to listen to these 4 jokes, then listen to and picture my mnemonic images. Then wait a little while and go through the mnemonic image and I guarantee you’ll remember all 4 jokes.



Remembering anything for more than a few minutes requires not only repetition, but also something else that will make the to-be-remembered thing stick in your head. That thing can be a mnemonic device. In this episode I’ll use a combination of the keyword technique, crazy images and a modified approach to the method of loci. I’ll use your body to help you remember these jokes. Let’s have some fun.


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4 Comments on “Ep 222: How To Remember Jokes”

  1. Right you are. Wow – that is an old joke. Good old "Capricorn One". Not really a bad movie, really. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  2. Near the turn of the century, wouldn't a woman with even negligible African heritage be listed as black still? Or is this nurse's race known because of photos?

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