Ep 218: Good News for Older Folks

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Guess what? There are a good number of positives to growing older. Let’s put aside all the negative stereotypes of older folks and realize that they can demonstrate a surprising level of “coolness” about life. There’s a certain perspective you get when you’re older that’s enviable. Older folks have passed many of life’s challenges and they can look back with satisfaction. But they also can have a surprising nonchalance about the challenges they face which we – as younger people – often think would make us terribly unhappy. Let’s take another look at aging and see it from a different light.

…researchers describe old people who live with health problems and other challenges with a kind of cool detachment. They are not defying their age, but rather they are able to rise above it with emotional nonchalance..- “Very Old and Very Cool…”

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3 Comments on “Ep 218: Good News for Older Folks”

  1. Toby: I remember seeing that study. I'll have to see if I can dig it up and link to it. And I remember "essence" from Dark Crystal. Now that's going back a bit…

  2. Timely 'cast Doc. There was just the release of a study a couple days ago about putting blood from young mice into older mice – supposed to improve cognitive abilities. Scientists weren't sure what "factors" were relevant though. It reminded me of the "essence" from the Dark Crystal movie.

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