Ep 172: Interview with Nathalie Nahai – The Web Psychologist

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Nathalie NahaiDid you know that you can apply your psychology skills to the development of effective websites? Meet one woman – Nathalie Nahai – who does exactly that and she has a background in not only psychology, but also Art, Physics and English Literature. She’s putting all those together to help people improve their websites and the power of their online influence, which by the way, is the (working) title of the book she’s writing: The Psychology of Online Influence.

How to Contact Nathalie Nahai

Rory Sutherland interviews Nathalie Nahai | Webs Of Influence from The Web Psychologist on Vimeo.

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One Comment on “Ep 172: Interview with Nathalie Nahai – The Web Psychologist”

  1. Psychology is DEFINITELY important in website development…for the exact same reason it’s important in the sales, marketing and advertising fields in general.

    It’s amazing how simple things such as a couple word changes, or the language in a title can be the difference between a 2% conversion ration and a 5% conversion ratio!

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