Parts of the Neuron Explained with ThingLink

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Have you checked out ThingLink yet? Pretty cool tool. Check out what I did with it by putting tabs onto a neuron image. Each tab pops open a YouTube video:

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4 Comments on “Parts of the Neuron Explained with ThingLink”

  1. hello michael

    thank you sharing this site and so glad that i have something to give to my students. hope more videos in the area of nervous system, learning, emotion and intelligence . I am teaching general psychology in one of the colleges in the Philippines.

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  3. Hi Luciano, Glad you’re enjoying the site. Two books I’d recommend on the topic of social psychology:

    A classic:

    Social Psychology by Robert Brown

    and a recent book:

    Most Underappreciated: 50 Prominent Social Psychologists Describe Their Most Unloved Work

    Both great reads.


  4. Hi Michael,

    Great site, I’ve discovered it a few weeks ago and I’m catching up with old episodes!

    I wanted to ask you about social pscyhology books you would recommend. Note I’m not a psychologist, just a hobby! so it should not be too technical. Example, Social intelligence by Daniel Goleman, too technical.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


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