Ep 164: What’s So Disgusting About Poop?

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Just about everyone finds poop disgusting right? So who finds it not so disgusting? Would you believe women in their 20s who are in the middle of their menstrual cycle, and who have motherhood as one of their goals in life? Disgust has become quite a popular topic in psychology lately. Join me as I discuss one of the more interesting studies that looks at how the intensity of our emotions can be affected by our nonconscious goals. More interesting than you might think really. And certainly not to be poo-pooed at…

Resources on Disgust Research

  • When Pooping Babies Become More Appealing: The Effects of Nonconscious Goal Pursuit on Experienced Emotions.Daniella Shidlovski and Ran R. Hassin. Psychological Science, October 2011; 0956797611417135, first published on October 10, 2011.
  • Meaningful Meals – Association for Psychological Science


    Psychological scientist Kendall J. Eskine and coauthors from the City University of New York noted that several studies have linked physical disgust to moral disgust, but no study has explored morality in conjunction with taste. In their experiment, students drank either a sweet Research published in Psychological Science found that comfort food brings up associations of positive relationships and makes us feel less lonely. Volunteers who thought of chicken noodle

  • International Affective Picture System where researchers find images

  • That's Gross!: Study Uncovers Physiological Nature of Disgust in


    As predicted, conservatives responded to the pictures with much more intense disgust than did liberals. Attitudes in opposition to same-sex marriage were highly connected. The results add to a growing area of research that

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  • Interview with Adele Faber on Parenting – part 2

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