Virgin Mary on a Lemon Slice? I got ya beat.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Texas police officer who saw the face of the Virgin Mary in a lemon slice. If you haven’t heard about the story or seen the pictures, click here to learn more.

I’ve been holding onto a photo for a while which I believe, if you look at it just right, looks like another familiar biblical figure. Take a look and see if you see what I see. Of course, what I also see is the power of the Gestalt principle of “closure” – our tendency to complete incomplete images and to see patterns where they do – and often do not – exist. What do you think? Click on the images to see a larger version of each.

The face on the floor

Here’s a close up of the same image:
Face on Floor Close Up

In case you’re having trouble seeing it, here’s the same image with an outline around the robed figure:

Face with outline

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    Cynthia Verbosky

    September 25, 2007

    I don’t think so. This one is a stretch.

  2. Avatar

    Crystal Thomas

    September 25, 2007

    Good Mr. Britt:

    After viewing the Photos, I came to the Conclusion that there is a Figure of a Woman in a Robe. At first. It looks like a hard-wood floor, then after your photo with the highlighted “Robe” area, I saw the Figure. Wow, my Mind Really did find a Pattern, and My Perception Definitely Changed After Viewing the Photo awhile….

    Crystal Thomas

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