Episode 30: Equine Assisted Therapy

If you think that therapy with horses is just another form of “pet therapy” well…so did I…at first. But Equine Assisted therapy is something different. If you love horses and are interested in how they can be used therapeutically, then you’ll definitely want to hear this episode. Learn more about this unique form of therapy from Nancy King, director of A Horse Connection. Recorded outside on a beautiful summer day.

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    September 24, 2007

    Interesting. I have not heard of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I’ll keep an eye out for news and/or research on the technique. If you have any references on it I’d be willing to look into it.

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    September 24, 2007

    While this episode was informative on how hippotherapy is used by occupational therapists, it left out the realm of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), in which a licensed psychotherapist and a horse trainer work with the client doing psychotherapy by using the horse as a vehicle for interpretation to help the client work on their issues. I’d love to hear an episode on this mode of therapy.

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