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Ep 285: Ketamine and Depression, Raven Intelligence, and Those Darn Fidget Spinners

Ravens - Intelligent?

What are psychologists talking about this week? Well, we’re fighting back against the unbelievable claims made by the marketers of fidget spinners (does the toy really help people with ADHD, PTSD and anxiety?), we’re astounded by the results of research on the intelligence of ravens (apparently the birds get resentful if you don’t treat them fairly), the latest news on the use of the drug Ketamine, and finally, how we’re more likely to believe what a scientist says if he/she is not that attractive and instead looks more like our stereotype of a “scientist”.

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The evidence [on the drug Katamine] that we have to date clearly suggests there’s a very strong rapid antidepressant effect, but we don’t have great data on the longer-term efficacy and safety. – Dr. Gerard Sanacora, professor of psychiatry and director of the Yale Depression Research Program Time

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