Ep: 231: Multiple Personalities and Tips on Getting People to Help

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Is there such a thing as a person having multiple personalities? What about Sybil and “All About Eve” – did they really have multiple personalities? The idea makes for great headlines and fascinating talk shows, but what’s the real story? I talk about that in this episode of The Psych Files along with giving tips on how to maximize the chances you’ll get help in an emergency and answer the question: is the new generation of teens lazy or is something wrong with the way we’re thinking about them? Another good example of Social Comparison theory.


Here’s the video I mentioned in this episode

Multiple Personalities

Social Comparison Theory





Bystander Intervention



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2 Comments on “Ep: 231: Multiple Personalities and Tips on Getting People to Help”

  1. Yes, excellent point. I forgot to say anything about that. I’ll go back into the audio file and insert something about this. Thanks for the comment.

  2. How about the perils of giving/offering help? I’m listening to the section of helping someone pushing their car but I’m recalling the scene from Silence of the Lambs where the girl helps the serial killer put a couch into his van, or the one from The Cell where the killer uses his trained dog to fake an injury behind the victim’s car in a parking garage so she’d get out and be abducted.

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